I Made Mine

Music Ornament for photo blog copy

This cute ornament I found on The Graphic Fairy’s site. She shares so many cute freebies. I didn’t use the wooden circles to make mine, I just used cardstock because I’ll probably use them on gift packages, but I may make some more permanent later on.

The background that I used on my photo above is compliments of The Coffee Shop Blog.  She has some great freebies of packages of Christmas backgrounds.

All instructions can be found here http://thegraphicsfairy.com/sheet-music-christmas-ornaments/ 



Below another ornament using white paper. The sheet music is also a freebie that can be found at The Graphics Fairy and printed off on your home printer.


peabeapatch blogger relax ribbon copy

Another quick craft I made is my own creation. When I head out to shop or to the gym, sometimes I grab a soft drink  or water. Now that winter is here, the can is cold on the fingers so I decided to make a can cozy for myself. See below:


Now the fingers are warm. 🙂 ~smiles ‘n giggles~

Thanks for stopping by the Patch!!




Utilizing Cutouts in Photoshop





candle holder object used

Over the years I’ve used many photoshop programs, and my latest is Adobe CS5. I’m having loads of fun with it. Here are a couple of my first cutouts where I used a leaf shape and the bottom of a candle holder to make the shape.

What’s your favorite way to photoshop your photography? I enjoy learning the different ins and outs of a program, and especially like just seeing the different ways you can enhance or make your photos look. Sometimes though, I just enjoy straight out of the lens.

I have to add that the tip I used to make the cutouts was taken from a tutorial at http://www.thecoffeeshopblog.com. She shares some great ideas on her site.

I’m Not A Very Good Wife

I’m not a very good wife of a musician. I hate the mess that the instruments make. I’ve looked at that mess on and off for forty-seven years. I call my recreation room a wreck room. But, I also have known marriage is not a one-way street. It’s not ‘all my way or the highway’. The give and take is an important part of marriage.

In the early years when you start making a home together, it’s not always easy since you’re both use to things your way. The give and take was a battle at first. I will say, I was kind of spoiled and naive thinking marriage was a fairy tale where you set up housekeeping and all goes smoothly. It doesn’t. We made messes and there was no mom there to clean them up. It was up to us to do housekeeping, pay the bills, provide food.

I learned over the years that I make messes too with my hobbies, and he has to look at my mess. Life is not always neat and tidy. Marriage is not always neat and tidy. It is a continuing growing process. If you love someone truly then the give and take isn’t so bad once you get past the spoiled part of youth. It’s not always an uphill battle, and you learn that giving is more rewarding than taking and always getting your own way.

The instruments that I look at now bring back all the memories of a man’s life. The music he made as a young traveling musician. The music he made when he came off the road and formed his own band. The music he made when the children were old enough to pass the talent onto whether they choose to use it in life at all, and the music that his life has given us in all our married years together.

I learned that I hate the mess the instruments make when spread all over a room, but the sound when all played together is worth it.

Loving a musician can be an awesome adventure.


Photography is my favorite hobby, and I enjoy passing time out and about taking photos. My favorite, I guess is photos of scenery.

My first camera was won selling seeds door to door for the American Seed Company when I was barely in grade school. I had no idea they would sell so well, and that I would end up getting to pick an awesome prize. I had many choices, but I chose a Kodak Brownie camera (the kind where you flipped up the top and looked down in to see the image), and they also included free film for a year plus developing so I was thrilled.

Even at that young age, people were already getting use to seeing me with my camera, and not only use to it they would duck and hide from me. Family does the same today, they always laugh and say, “oh no, she has her camera”. I am usually never without.

Recently, with the warm Spring weather, my sister and I have been out and about walking along with my camera. Even after all these years, I’m still in pursuit of a great shot.

There are many free photo editing software available that can also enhance a photo, if needed. One of my favorites is Picasa, which is free. I also use photo editing software that came with my Micrografx Draw programs and Paintshop Pro. It is always great though, when I edit in these and my photo doesn’t require any fix at all. Recently upgraded to Adobe Photoshop Elements and am experimenting.

Do you enjoy photography? What do you think is the most fun to capture? Portraits, Scenery, Action Shots, Nature?

If you have any tips for better photography, feel free to include that in a comment also.