DOILIES ~ who doesn’t love em…

My Aunt Wilda, my mom’s sister, taught me to crochet when I was about in the 3rd grade. I loved all the beautiful things that she’d made; especially the beautiful beadspread made with rosette flowers on top. So, when I asked, she taught me how to get started. I would sit for hours just making chains, and then eventually, I learned to hook the chain into a circle and go from there making my own designs. Now mind you, they weren’t the prettiest things because I didn’t know how to gauge them to the right size so usually they ended up curling and not in a round circle. As the years went by, and those doilies went by the wayside (trash), I didn’t crochet that much anymore. After I was married, I decided to learn to read the patterns in a book and crochet doiles, and I even made my new baby boy a sweater (still have that one). Mostly, the doilies I made, I gave away.

After my third child was born, and I was almost 40, I was ridiculous and started smoking (dumb move on my part). After a bit, I quit because my mind kept telling me how sad that baby would be if I had to leave her to grow up on her own because I chose that habit. Anyway, leading into the rest of my paragraph with that because when I quit, doilies were my life saver. To find something different to do with my hands, I began making doilies again. I made 10 or more and gave them as gifts to whoever wanted one, but I did keep some of those. 

I’ve made doilies for my daughters-in-law, and my newest daughter-in-law’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks so the latest craft in ‘The Peabea Patch’ that I’m sharing is the one that I’ve made for her. It’s called Gentle Wind.


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Some Freebie Info:

There was also one of the doilies that I’d made for my daughter that I no longer have the pattern, and I wanted to make another. I must have somehow lost track of the magazine that I’d purchased or pitched it. I couldn’t find it anywhere.  So, off to the internet to see if I could find any free crochet patterns that might be like it or refer me to where I could buy it. In my search, I found and on their front page, I couldn’t believe they had a picture of the doily I was looking for; it’s called Granny’s Favorite.

granny's favorite doily
Image of Granny’s Favorite from

Hope you enjoy the latest craft in my Patch. Will share more pictures of doilies from yesteryear later.

Happy Crafting, and thanks for stopping by.


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