Guest Crafters

My cousin Janet who is an amazing seamstress is my Guest Crafter and is sharing the beautiful quilts that she makes as well as the bedspread, curtains and pillows that she made for her bedroom. Enjoy!!! and please leave Janet a comment about her work or ask any questions for her in the comment area. Thanks…
The bedspread, shams, table cover and even the window treatment (not shown in the photo) were all sewn by Janet
Garden Trellis Pattern
This Quilt is one that I made for my daughter
This set was made for the new Great Grand-daughter
This was the first quilt that I made and gave to the granddaughter.

These are all queen size. It takes a few weeks to cut and sew the blocks all together. The cutting out is the most tedious, and not my favorite part. Then you sew the back together, and I then send it to the quilter as I don’t actually do the quilting. When I get it back from the quilter, then I cut and sew the binding.
Happy sewing!!

Love seeing your comments. I read each one. Thank you.

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