Nature for TT

Textured with rainy day for sharing with Texture Tuesday.  Frame I used is compliments of Rita at The Coffee Shop Blog

They have created a walking path along what use to be railroad tracks that went through our town. The walking path begins at the edge of our town and has been transformed into a Nature Preserve as well. Once it is completed, the walking path will continue to the next small town (if you’re able since it is about 7-10 miles).

The railroad has long ago been taken away, but sometimes you can see what remains of the bed and some ties remain. There are birdhouses that have been constructed along the way, and this little fellow was flying in to deliver feeding time to its babies.

Also, along our walk we saw many pretty flowers among the weeds. Below are just a few.




What’s left of one of the railroad bridges.

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Psalm 139: 7-10



Babies have left

I will now have my hose back. The longest part was mama sitting on the eggs before they finally hatched. They were bulging out of that small nest and by yesterday, they had all flown.

Hope you enjoyed the saga of the Mama Robin and Spring at our house.