Heron at Lake for StretchIf I stretch my neck downward

A fish I might soon see

And with my beak catch it

But am I really that hungry?

Or would I rather Stretch, Soar

Decisions are hard on sunny days

Choices are to Eat or Play

Then with Wings outstretched for flight

Decision is made ~ Stretch and Soar

Heron at Lake for Stretch then I flew



Sharing with Six Words Friday for the Theme this week of ‘STRETCH’. Stop over at the site to see all the other entries, and thanks for visiting me. 🙂


With Blessings as we head into Palm Sunday, have a great week-end and week to follow.


For by one offering, He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.

Hebrews 10: 11-14



peeking for six word friday


He peeked out through the tree

Wondering if there was a Breeze

The wind softly touched his beak

I’ll take a chance, he thought

Softly the Breeze caught his wings

First flight and he loved it

Soaring high like mama showed him

Then sadly realizing he hadn’t moved

It was his mind that soared

He still sat in the tree

Tomorrow he thought; tomorrow for sure

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