My Longtime Buddy


When I picked up my 8 y.o. grandbabykins from school as I do three times a week for my daughter, he said, “We need to stop by my house to pick up my bag because I’m going to my dad’s for the week-end”. When he was getting out of the car, he smiled and said, “I’m also going to get Blue Bear.”

Blue Bear has been with this child since he was born. He has taken Blue Bear everywhere and apparently still does. He would always strap Blue Bear in with the seat belt to keep him safe.

One time when he came to stay overnight, he was sad because he forgot Blue Bear. He has stuffed animals at my house so I asked couldn’t he snuggle with one of those. He agreed, but he prefers Blue Bear. To me, it is so endearing that at eight, he still has a best friend in Blue Bear. He told me once when he was about 4 or 5 that he could tell Blue Bear secrets.

Here’s a picture of the stuffed animal he agreed could replace the forgotten Blue Bear that week-end. 🙂

As a young mom myself, I had never had stuffed animals. I did have a couple of dolls, but that was about it so I did not appreciate the value and Love of a stuffed bear. I, however, learned that lesson early on when my middle son was about four. His older brother had a black and white bear since he was born, and it was literally thread bare (no fur it was down to the bear cloth). The middle son played with it when his older brother had more or less put it by the wayside. I did not fathom how attached he was to that bear, and one Spring when we were doing Spring cleaning we were burning things in a burn barrel, and I threw the bear in. He was standing there, and was horrified and started screaming and crying. There was no way though that I could retrieve that bear. It took quite a while to soothe him, and eventually he grew to love another stuffed animal. Lesson learned for this young mom that to a littlekins, they love their stuffed animals very much. 🙂

Soooooo…with the grandbabykins, I’m very aware of his attachment to this stuffed and getting very worn blue bear. And when he was picked up to head to his dad’s house this week-end, peeking out of his bag was his trustworthy friend, Blue Bear.

Added note: My son who lost his beloved black and white bear to a fire that year would never part with his stuffed animals. Even after he had long moved out of the house, married, etc., his stuffed animals remained stored away in the attic. Finally, when he was in his late thirties and had forgotten about the stored animals, I asked and he agreed that I could get rid of them. The day I brought those down, this grandson was there and picked a few favorites from his uncle’s age old stash for his own.

~hugs ‘n scribbles~


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