Recycling Idea and Bug Away

If you like to be outdoors, but not so crazy about the little pests that fly around, I have a recycling idea. I saw these citronella vases in the local store selling for upwards of $20 or more, but being on a retirement budget, I decided to make some out of my own vases.

This vase was a gift candle.
After the candle was gone, I hated to part with it, and kept it.
Now it has a new use.



I had this refillable canister from one of those bamboo torches that was also a gift from a few years back that was broken


so I  made this for my front porch area at a cost of $0


Then I found this vase at Goodwill for $1.00


and it needed a taller refillable canister, which I bought for $3.99



Combined, I thought it looked pretty good for my patio area.



I hope you like the idea and have fun making some of your own for when you’re having outdoor fun, plus I think they look great compared to just a generic bug away product. 🙂
If you make some, I’d love if you’d come back and share a picture in the comments section.
Don’t you just love recycling bargains? I do….and, I like scribbling about my finds.
Enjoy your day, and sending God’s blessings your way,