Trying for Bokeh

Not sure if I achieved it, but still trying to learn the settings on my DSLR instead of just using the point and shoot. Love raw out of camera photos so I didn’t shop these at all other than the Butterfly; we finally have had some this summer. Oh well, I’ll keep trying. I so need to go on a photo shoot instead of just the weeds that surround me. 🙂

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Daisy Weed for BW Wednesday


The background is from Pixel Dust Art, but I don’t think she’s actively adding things anymore. Not sure.

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Morning Stroll

trees n butterflies for TT

While camping, I decided to take a morning stroll at the campgrounds that is beside our little place at the Lake. It’s a three mile walk around a Nature trail. Since I was by myself, decided best to not really go too far in since I wasn’t sure what I’d find in the brush. Maybe if someone will go with me, I’ll go back. hahaha ~ I’m such a chicken if I’d see a snake ~ Anyway, sharing this one I took that morning (I added the butterfly brush). It is textured with Kim’s rainy day to share with Texture Tuesday.

More pictures below:


An overgrown bridge that use to be a look out at the Swamp (didn’t venture onto it)


Maybe use to be kept up, but was all overgrown but could really hear lots of frogs





A bee was very busy working on this cone flower….love cone flowers. Need to plant some.


Opening to the path that I decided not to enter…looked too weedy like not kept up or no visitors had been trodding down the path when I peeked in.


This one I played with making an Ani-Gif via instructions on The Coffee Shop Blog’s site. See, if Razzy’s running out, I’m not going in. hahaha just being silly

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milkweed for TT n RJ

Another from my ‘Weeds’ photos. Wasn’t sure what this was so I googled it, and found that it is Milkweed.  Seems it’s important for Monarch Butterflies, Hummingbirds, and other species. I know when I was taking this, the bees were loving this weed/plant.

If interested in knowing more about the Milkweed, I found some info here: and here:

On my photo, I started with one of Nancy’s textures as the background and added my photo on top with soft light overlay. I then applied the Dreamy technique that I’d seen in Kim’s tutorial on how to make your photo look dreamy. I didn’t do all the steps, and I don’t think mine turned out like hers. I then embedded a bird on a branch clip art from The Graphics Fairy, added a butterfly and a bee brush. Lastly, I applied kk_touchoftexture.

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Berries ‘n Nature

Berries 'n Nature

Another from my ‘WEEDS’ photos. Edited with Adobe CS5.

There are so many free things in life..Nature being one of them even if it’s only in an edited photo. Every day there is something beautiful to see just by being aware of the color that is around us. The birds are go getters; up early and busy taking care of themselves and their families. They even fight at times over who found the worm first.

The Butterflies share their beautiful colors as they flit about and seems at times they flit close enough to tease just so we can admire their abstract wings that look like an artist’s finest work. (it is)

I’ve always been such a people watcher. I know it’s impolite to stare, but I’ve never been able not to because we are each such beautiful beings in our own way. When you see a person, do you wonder what they are about? What there life is? How things are going for them? Do they have stresses that don’t show on their faces? Is the smile genuine ~ are they truly happy? When staring at people, I wish all good things for them. We are such intricate, amazing, people just like birds and the butterflies.

When enjoying Nature, there is nothing more soothing than the sound of a bird warbling with trills and melody. There is even something soothing about the cicadas in the evening. And the fireflies doing their magical show has delighted children and adult alike for years.

Among the busy weeds of life, entertainment can be found just by looking.

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Among the Weeds

We have a new trail the parks department is blazing through several counties where I live. Eventually when it’s done it will be 12 miles long (and more later on down the road). Right now they only have a few miles done. My sister and I walked the first mile of it and back so we ended up doing a 2 mile leisure stroll (that’s good for us since I haven’t done my walking lately).

Actually, you’re walking along what use to be what’s left of a railroad bed with the tracks removed, but you can still see some of the wooden planks. The path is mostly just wild vegetation growing on it’s own. We didn’t see much nature…only a few butterflies and some birds. They had put some bird houses along the trail.

Here is a picture from our walk.



This is one of the old railroad bridges where the train would have crossed the stream/river. (they’ve build new cement bridges that we now can walk across the water/stream)