God’s Splendor

God's SplendorWho could paint a picture thus as this

When nature and man combine

the field of corn, the splendor of green trees

against a skyline enhanced only by an ocean blue sky

with just enough wisps of clouds to add to the beauty of God’s splendor

 by Peabea

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Spring at our House ‘n Miss Robin



Loving that Spring has arrived and the warmer mornings. Nothing like early morning sunrise and a fresh brewed cup of coffee or brewed tea.



Miss Robin has decided to favor us with a nest of eggs on our hose hanger…bad part is now that Spring has arrived and I like to clean off the patio and other uses for the hose…it is otherwise occupied for a bit. Not to fear though, we have another hose out front to use or to attach on the back, but really not wanting to disturb Miss Robin. This picture has two eggs (a beautiful blue in color), but she is now sitting on 4 eggs and won’t stay off the nest long enough for me to get another picture. I also used this picture for my April 30th Texture Tuesday (found at my other website http://peabea.net)

Face in the Clouds

We always go to the lake and take the boat out to watch the fireworks over the water. Last July 4th when we headed out, it was still daylight and cloudy out when one of the grand-daughters called everyone’s attention to the sky above us. She said to look because there was a face in the clouds, and she said it was Jesus looking down. I grabbed the camera to snap some pictures before we got out from under the spot. The only photo touching up I’ve done to these was to lighten them using Picasa and then to put my photography watermark on them. I think it does look exactly like eyes, a nose and a mouth plus it seems there is more than one face peering down from the sky. Enjoy!!