Learning New Things

I’ve always tried to save flowers from my flower bed each year by drying those that I can. I also press them. They make cute additions when making a notecard, etc. to send. Lately, after joining His Kingdom Come Bible study group, they have shown some great ways to utilize painted backgrounds, stencils, wording, etc. as they journal their Bible reading. So, I’m having fun learning how to make my own paint and creating backgrounds, etc. that I can use in my digital graphics.

I’ve learned to make my own stamps as well as using different objects as stencils. Below is one that I did using my dried flowers as stencils.

Dried Flowers stencil

The stamps below, I made after watching YouTube video on how to make them using foam sheets and then just gluing to cardboard. Works great.

2015-08-01 22.56.51


2015-08-01 23.01.27
What they look like on paper


Making stamps:

Making your own spray paint: 

I also found books 10 for $1 at the Thrift store that I’m going to try doing the repurposing into a journal that I’ve seen. They look cute, and I’m thinking a great idea for Christmas gifts for my girls. There are lots of how to videos on YouTube for this process and lots do them differently. So far I’ve only gotten the insides out, and put my fabric around the spine area. Next I need to decide what papers I will use for my signatures (the inserts). You can use just plain paper or decorated or interesting items with pockets, etc. Should be fun.

2015-08-01 23.02.06

2015-08-01 23.02.13

Few more painted backgrounds:


Keeping busy and enjoying retirement just doing what I feel like when the mood strikes.


We’ve finished reading through the Bible in Proverbs and next it’s on to Song of Solomon. Check out my Proverbs page if you want to see some of my Proverbs Journaling.

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Dried Flowers from my Garden

Dried Flowers for Texture Tuesday

For this edit, I used Kim Klassen’s kk_happyheart texture but didn’t place it all the way over my original photo, and then I applied kk_cosmo over the area that was left. After adjustments, I applied a frame action from The CoffeeShop Blog

Original Photo