Monster At The End of The Book

The Monster at the end of this Book

Author, Jon Stone   Illustrated by Mike Smollin Publisher: Western Publishing Co

My daughter loved this book when she was little.

Little Golden Books have been a child’s favorite for years, and what parent doesn’t have a few on their child’s book shelves? They’re small enough for little hands when they begin their reading adventures, but until then, what fun it is to read the stories to your child.

‘The Monster At The End of This Book’ is one of those books that is a delight to read, and will have the child laughing and waiting in anticipation. Reading the book is so much fun if the words are punctuated with highs and lows of the voice as the author intended.

The adventure begins as the first page starts in large caps with “WHAT DID THAT SAY?”, meaning the title. Grover expresses concern as he anticipates finding a monster at the end as the reader keeps turning the pages. Grover says he is so scared of monsters! The book continues with Grover pleading for the reader not to turn the pages so the end of the book and the monster won’t be reached. As the reader turns the page, Grover litterally shouts ‘YOU TURNED THE PAGE!” (When that page is read as intended with a shout, children are sure to giggle.)

Grover goes on to explain that the reader must not understand that by turning the pages, you will arrive at the end of the book and there is a monster at the end of the book.

Children love when a book is read with enthusiasm, especially if you do it like acting out a play. This book is perfect for that since the author wrote the pages as they were intended to be read with the soft parts and loud parts.

The book is written by Jon Stone and illustrated by Mike Smollin who approach a story from the angle that a child’s imagination can run wild as they wonder what a monster at the end will look like or if the monster will actually jump from the pages.

To find out who is the monster at the end of the book, check yours out a local library or book store.

Have a fun read with kids always,