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So, when I go Thrifting, I’ve been¬†on the look-out for a juicer. Finally found this Hamilton Beach one that looked as clean as brand new and Surprise!! it was only $5.00. Yay!! ūüôā I figured if it didn’t work, I had 7 days to return it for¬†store credit.¬†Washed it at home and¬†juiced apples and the juice was delicious. But, there was no user manual with it, so went online to hunt for a free PFD download. Well, while looking, I saw where this model was recalled. Now my joy in my thrifty find, was¬†damped.¬†I couldn’t¬†tell if this was a recent recall or one from the past, and why the juicer had been given away. If so, I was miffed that they would give away a recalled item, but was giving the¬†benefit of the doubt that maybe they didn’t know. The recall said the juicer blade¬†basket could come apart and parts fly and 4 people to date (whatever¬†date that was) had been injured. I decided worse case scenario would be to return to the store, but let them know it was recalled so that they wouldn’t sell it¬†to someone else.

Next morning, I call Hamilton Beach number. She said they were giving a replacement basket and once I receive it,¬†the unit is safe to use again. Joy returns and Yay!!! So, I still get to have a juicer and way lower than my budget would allow. (Good reminder though for when purchasing something used…check online for recalls; especially baby cribs and car seats too.)

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A DIY project I made this week. Love YouTube that showed me how to put the pump into the lid. Very easy. Made one for my bathroom and one for my daughter. The grandson liked it so much that he asked if I’d make one for him to give to his teacher. ūüôā I made a smaller version for him to give. Here’s link if you want to see how to do it the way that I did. I used a drill but had to use a needle nose¬†pliers to make the hole large enough since I didn’t have a large enough¬†drill bit (where there’s a will there’s a way, right. haha)

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Proverbs 16 24


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