Thistle Deceiving

Since it’s been so dry lately, the weeds are taking over so decided to do a ‘WEEDS’ photo shoot. I had allowed this thistle to become way to tall, but when I saw it was beginning to have blooms thought ‘why not?’ let it go. Now the photo is taken, I can cut it back. These are not my favorite because if you touch them without protection, it is hard to remove those minuscule little fibers. If they’re good for something, I wonder. The bloom is the prettiest lavender color though.

It kind of reminded me of the quote ‘Pretty Is As Pretty Does’ only I was thinking ‘Pretty Isn’t As Pretty Does’ because these can be hurtful.

To the original photo, I applied Nancy Claes NC220 and then Kim Klassen’s KK_May and changed the green Hue.

Sharing with Texture Tuesday and Tuesday Muse.

Another version with an effect applied that comes in the Adobe Photoshop CS5

Thistle green framed

Original ‘Raw Out of Camera’ Below:

DSC_0017Love when you visit ~ Thanks ~

peabea patch w ribbon~


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