How’s The Knitting Going…

Well, bit frustrating as a newby knitter. Have always done crochet since a child, but knitting….that’s a different animal. Started simple couple years ago learning the stitches. Well, some stitches. Made a couple hats. And then started a few shawls, and scarfs. Had to learn to read their directions.

Started this one over year and half or so ago. This is early picture, I’ve moved on with it, but then I just left it sit. Picked it up again last week. My stumbling block with this one is I either knit too tight and when I have to knit two together, hard time squeezing under to pick up the stitch. This might take a while, and I may need a longer circle needles.

Does anyone ever really use a shawl? I never, ever have, but thought this one so pretty.

Also, found this awesome site for The Casting On Couch who does some awesome knitting. I followed her to try to learn the cable stitches. Very confusing, and I will not say how many times I had to tear out and start over. Great tip I eventually learned though, was to sew a different color thread across the work as I go so if I have to tear out, can tear out to that point, and not all the way. This pattern was free from her at the time, but I did end up buying it so I’d have it instead of what I’d written as I watched the video.

Another tip I learned was to make some pretty markers rather than the inital plastic circles I’d bought.

So that’s my knitting adventure as we head into colder weather in my part of the world, and with staying home as much as I can while we still are enduring this dreaded pandemic. Might go back to making a few more hats.

What crafts have you been up to or books you’ve been reading. Or just some ways you’re keepting busy.

~smiles ‘n giggles~


It is Done ~ Yay


I’ve always crocheted, but am now on a knitting learning curve. This Chunky Edge Cable Scarf was my first attempt at doing a cable stitch. After many start overs, it is finally finished, and I love it!! Thanks to The Casting On Couch and her lovely tutorials, I made my scarf. It is using double yarn so will be very warm, and at the moment with the cold weather of winter, it is most welcome.

If you knit, and would like the pattern for this scarf, visit The Casting On Couch where she shares so many cute patterns.

Have a great week-end. More crafts later

Here are just a few of my other crafts. More later and since I got a (c)Cricut for Christmas, excited to make and share some of those. #crafting fun

~happy crafting~


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