Interesting…for sure

One year when the grandbabykins was playing at the local park, I spied this interesting looking flower/weed? Had never seen one like it before. When I got home, I looked it up, and it is or similar to the Chinese Lantern flower. Since then, I have seen many around the web. Sadly, when I was at the park last year, the flower is gone. I should have tried to take some seeds, but not sure if that is how it was grown. I did see where the Chinese Lantern flowers are grown from a bulb. May try to find some. That is if Spring will decide to warm us up some. Freezing here today.

Hope all are staying well during this social distancing stay at home if that is mandated where you live. We can go out for essential things, but mostly stay at home. So, hence, the looking through the photo archive. 🙂

Happy Tuesday and stay well.


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