My Yearly Gift

My gift arrived right on time…….

A few years ago, my middle child (son) had to move back home for a bit, and while here he ordered bulbs to plant in my flower bed. He has since moved away again, and every year, it is like getting that gift all over again.  I did separate and move the bulbs last year, but was wondering if they would return. They did.

My Lily gift from the son. 🙂

Lily raw Lily for TT

Sharing with Life Thru The Lens over at Simply Living Photography and Life ‘n Reflection’s Texture Twist and Roses of Inspiration over at The Enchanted Rose. Stop over and take a peek at what everyone is sharing. 🙂

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As I continue my reading through the Bible in a year, we are in Proverbs.

Proverbs 18 10

A scripture gift for you if you like…you can download it HERE or just right click and save.

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Love From The Son

First Lilly 2014 for FL

After a divorce our son had to move back home for a bit. While here, he purchased bulbs and planted these Lilies. They have multiplied over the years and are getting so tall. Every Spring it is a delight to watch them finally open up to reveal their amazingly beautiful red color. He couldn’t have picked a better color as it is one of my favorites. That son has since remarried and moved to California, but my eyes love looking at him through these flowers each year. I miss him, but what a great reminder of the wonderful man (son) he has turned out to be. Such a loving heart.

I did transplant some of the bulbs early this Spring and was glad to see they have also made it and are blooming.

Sharing my first Lily Bloom of 2014 with Floral Love.

I ran an action from The Coffee Shop Blog called Coffee Shop Art Gallery, and used a free texture from Pixabay that Rita at the Coffee Shop also shared a link to on her site, and you can find the texture here

The frame is one that comes loaded with Adobe Photoshop IE.

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I’m also sharing one of my free textures that I make. You can download it HERE without my Logo watermark or just click the photo below.


~hugging you with a flower today~