First snowman

The adventures and imagination of a child are fun to watch when they go out to play in the winter. No toys are needed. Just piling the snow from here to there or working on a small snowman, and the giggles begin.

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And what more fun is there on a summer’s day than a slide? Photo captured and then edited into 3D by a software program.

If you have them try peering at the picture with the 3D glasses. Okay, doesn’t change it that much, but fun edit though…and fun sliding.

Tyson 3D
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What’s More Fun

The weather in Ohio has turned CHILLY…. I miss the lazy Summer days already. Anyway, the grandbabykins had no school for two days due to teachers needing to meet for a coffee or something and get a break from kids…(of course I jest ;)).

At the Gym in Kid’s Club, the grandbabykins saw a kid working on something using two pens. Grandbabykins knows no strangers and being curious had to ask what in the world he was doing. He found out the kid was making a bracelet by looming rubber bands together. It is called Rainbow Loom. Naturally, he wanted to do that (side note: grandbabykins has always been curious when I crochet and had learned to make a chain so far so naturally, this looked fun to him). The daughter bought him a kit, and he’s been busy making bracelets, keychains, and different patterns.

One he's made so far
One he’s made so far

That kept him pretty busy most of the time, but still he wanted to go to the park…sooo What’s More Fun On A Chilly Day than playing at the park and enjoying the beautiful Fall colors even if it is Chilly.

2005-01-01 14.43.37
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2005-01-01 14.43.31
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2005-01-01 14.43.41
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It may have been chilly, but the Fall colors at the park were great.

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Perseverence copy
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Such beautiful days so far this Fall, we are having. This time of year gets me in the mood for clearing out and cleaning up, and I really have to resist the urge to just pitch everything in this house instead. 🙂 It’s also the time of year that we find different insects trying to invade living space. Today was a day for moving out and sweeping behind all furniture, etc. to deal with insects. Even though we live out in the rural area (we’re not too far from a really small town though), we’ve always been lucky to not get surprised by too many invaders except when it turns a bit cooler in the Fall. Then we get a few insects passing through. Depending on what they are, I will try to rescue and put back out into their domain, but there are some that just don’t make it. Sorry.

Anyway, after the moving and sweeping behind and spraying, it was just too pretty to not take a bit of time outside with the camera. The flowers aren’t looking that great, but the weeds are flourishing so I took a walk down the road with camera in hand. The weeds reminded me of how we as humans, even in the depth of some despair always seem to find a way to bounce back and are determined to persevere against all odds. Kind of like the weeds that fill the edges of the road, edges of the farmer’s fields, and even among my flower garden. Some weeds will hang on throughout some of the frost, some of the worst storms of winter, and will find a way to awaken next Spring.

So, I guess if I had to choose between being a fragile flower or the weed that can withstand many odds, I’d have to choose a weed. However, I would prefer to be one of the good looking weeds. hahahaha Which would you choose to be?

Some pictures below from my Fall weed~walk today. ~smiles ‘n giggles~

Oh, and also on my weed-walk, I noticed that a few leaves are dropping from our tree and the beginning of the color change has started.

Personally, I’d take Fall weather like today year round. We had a splash of rain this a.m., but then it was over and the day was sunshiny with wispy clouds and a gorgeous blue sky. The farmers are clearing the fields and I noticed the beans are gone, and the one thing I don’t like is the smell from all the manure (or whatever it is) spreading on the fields.

Happy 1st Day of October and Tuesday!!

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leaves change


Psalm 71:18



up up away

This balloon went over our campsite so had to hop on the golfcart and follow and take pictures as it went. Decided to take this one, cut out the balloon and change the background for effectl

Original pictures below:

hot air 3

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More pictures of the balloon as I followed it.  Click on each picture for larger and better view of the balloon.

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Baby Robins are Born



If you followed my other post about the nest on my hose hanger, the babies are finally here. Mommy Robin has faithfully sat on those 4 eggs, and now has four babies. Finally, she got off long enough so I could capture this picture. Maybe I can get a video or other photos of her feeding the babies.

I’m just hoping they can fly away soon and I can have the use of my hose now that it’s Spring and things need hosed down. ~smiles~


Happy Spring