Learning to Make Digital Textures

I follow a blog that is so generous with her vast knowledge of Adobe plus she shares so many free things. Lately, her tutorial was how to make textures so I gave it a try. The background texture in the digital art above is one that I made. I am sharing it free for anyone who would like it. Link up will be below.

Note: The poem isn’t one of mine

Hope everyone is having a good week.

You can download the full background texture HERE.

Thanks for giving me a visit. Love comments and please share anything about what you’re doing with the digital graphics and leave a photo is you want in the comments below.


Here is the link to The Coffee Blog if you’d like to check it out.

The Coffee Shop Blog

Love Letters

Who doesn’t enjoy a Love Letter once in a while from their soulmate. Back in my day, we wrote notes and letters. I married my HS sweetie, and still have notes we wrote back and forth in HS. I also have letters we wrote when we would be apart after we married. Was so fun to find and read years later what as young people we wrote to each other. Silly sometimes, and serious other times. They are priceless to me.

In today’s world of technology, we can still write love letters via email or text messges. Just print them off, and one day in the future, you’ll have them to look back at your young self.


Apple Of My Eye w/free digi kit

Latest digital kit. The kit includes nine items. Download the zip file for the bundled kit items HERE. License is for Personal Use, and terms of use are included in the download. The kit can be used for your own personal graphic (not commercial), and please not shared as is creation. Enjoy.


Winter Painting

Winter and the chilly weather is finally here. We have been lucky the last few winters with pretty mild weather. So far though, this year; different story. Love though when you wake and the master painter has done his beauty. We had rain, sleet, snow mix and it left my trees so pretty. However though:

Have a great day/week.


How’s The Knitting Going…

Well, bit frustrating as a newby knitter. Have always done crochet since a child, but knitting….that’s a different animal. Started simple couple years ago learning the stitches. Well, some stitches. Made a couple hats. And then started a few shawls, and scarfs. Had to learn to read their directions.

Started this one over year and half or so ago. This is early picture, I’ve moved on with it, but then I just left it sit. Picked it up again last week. My stumbling block with this one is I either knit too tight and when I have to knit two together, hard time squeezing under to pick up the stitch. This might take a while, and I may need a longer circle needles.

Does anyone ever really use a shawl? I never, ever have, but thought this one so pretty.

Also, found this awesome site for The Casting On Couch who does some awesome knitting. I followed her to try to learn the cable stitches. Very confusing, and I will not say how many times I had to tear out and start over. Great tip I eventually learned though, was to sew a different color thread across the work as I go so if I have to tear out, can tear out to that point, and not all the way. This pattern was free from her at the time, but I did end up buying it so I’d have it instead of what I’d written as I watched the video.

Another tip I learned was to make some pretty markers rather than the inital plastic circles I’d bought.

So that’s my knitting adventure as we head into colder weather in my part of the world, and with staying home as much as I can while we still are enduring this dreaded pandemic. Might go back to making a few more hats.

What crafts have you been up to or books you’ve been reading. Or just some ways you’re keepting busy.

~smiles ‘n giggles~


Bye Bye September

October arrived with a cold, rainy day of weather only in the low 50’s, and some 30’s at night. So far since Fall arrived, Fall has not been Fall. The weather people say the weather is more like November so then I’m wondering if November will now be December. I’m not ready. I want a do over of Spring and Summer already, and the cooler weather seasons are just beginning. If I could be a jet-setter, I’d be heading to the countries where Spring is beginning. Spring here, and then Spring there. Best of both worlds.

But, I’m gathering the Fall decorations, lighting some candles, and having some cocoa. Can’t fight Mother Nature even if she is a little off keel right now.


~hug~ ♥♡


Have a great day

Love Goes Out The Door

It’s dark now, the kids have gone. As I look around the room, remnants remain of evidence they came~ toys lay on the floor that won’t be played with anymore.

Kids grow, they move away, but now and then they come again.

The rooms lighten up again with laughter and busyness. Toys are brought out for grandbabies to play, the giggles are delightful.

Time is up, bags are packed and off they go again ~ taking with them our hugs and well wishes.

If only kids could stay, but they’ve grown and must go on their way to the adult life they’ve made.

We smile with pride as our Love goes out the door.

pb 6-1-2010

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If Only In My Mind


Missing You 💔 

 The beauty that surrounds me happens slowly with time stitching together all the colors The hues The glows That make up a wonderful life If only in My Mind

The curtains blow
The songs sound
The instruments play
The children laugh
If only for a day, they have set my heart aglow 
This thing we built 56 years ago
The musician, the man
The individual being that is so worn now
The weary tired lines
The pain he ignores
The one and only that I’ve adored 
It can’t go on
It can’t continue
But each minute, I carry within me
The beauty, the glow that surrounds me
If only in My Mind

© If Only In My Mind ~ Patricia B. all rights reserved