Winter Painting

Winter and the chilly weather is finally here. We have been lucky the last few winters with pretty mild weather. So far though, this year; different story. Love though when you wake and the master painter has done his beauty. We had rain, sleet, snow mix and it left my trees so pretty. However though:

Have a great day/week.


Bye Bye September

October arrived with a cold, rainy day of weather only in the low 50’s, and some 30’s at night. So far since Fall arrived, Fall has not been Fall. The weather people say the weather is more like November so then I’m wondering if November will now be December. I’m not ready. I want a do over of Spring and Summer already, and the cooler weather seasons are just beginning. If I could be a jet-setter, I’d be heading to the countries where Spring is beginning. Spring here, and then Spring there. Best of both worlds.

But, I’m gathering the Fall decorations, lighting some candles, and having some cocoa. Can’t fight Mother Nature even if she is a little off keel right now.


~hug~ ♥♡


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If Only In My Mind


Missing You 💔 

 The beauty that surrounds me happens slowly with time stitching together all the colors The hues The glows That make up a wonderful life If only in My Mind

The curtains blow
The songs sound
The instruments play
The children laugh
If only for a day, they have set my heart aglow 
This thing we built 56 years ago
The musician, the man
The individual being that is so worn now
The weary tired lines
The pain he ignores
The one and only that I’ve adored 
It can’t go on
It can’t continue
But each minute, I carry within me
The beauty, the glow that surrounds me
If only in My Mind

© If Only In My Mind ~ Patricia B. all rights reserved


Interesting…for sure

One year when the grandbabykins was playing at the local park, I spied this interesting looking flower/weed? Had never seen one like it before. When I got home, I looked it up, and it is or similar to the Chinese Lantern flower. Since then, I have seen many around the web. Sadly, when I was at the park last year, the flower is gone. I should have tried to take some seeds, but not sure if that is how it was grown. I did see where the Chinese Lantern flowers are grown from a bulb. May try to find some. That is if Spring will decide to warm us up some. Freezing here today.

Hope all are staying well during this social distancing stay at home if that is mandated where you live. We can go out for essential things, but mostly stay at home. So, hence, the looking through the photo archive. 🙂

Happy Tuesday and stay well.


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Digiscraping for Valentine’s Day

Love was in the air everywhere…well maybe not everywhere. But, hopefully, all enjoyed their day.

I love trying my hand at making digital graphics using Adobe Photoshop Elements, so this was the end result for my Valentine greeting.

My daughter’s family treated me with a lovely planter, as well as one of my favorites – malted milkballs, and some (c)Ferrero chocolates.

As you can tell, it didn’t take long to finish off the chocolates, but they were delish.

Have a good week.


It is Done ~ Yay


I’ve always crocheted, but am now on a knitting learning curve. This Chunky Edge Cable Scarf was my first attempt at doing a cable stitch. After many start overs, it is finally finished, and I love it!! Thanks to The Casting On Couch and her lovely tutorials, I made my scarf. It is using double yarn so will be very warm, and at the moment with the cold weather of winter, it is most welcome.

If you knit, and would like the pattern for this scarf, visit The Casting On Couch where she shares so many cute patterns.

Have a great week-end. More crafts later

Here are just a few of my other crafts. More later and since I got a (c)Cricut for Christmas, excited to make and share some of those. #crafting fun

~happy crafting~


If you knit, craft, scrapbook or do any type crafts and would like to be featured, just drop me a message.

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Give Joy

Dahlia Flowers From Garden 2017 2 for Sparks

Each Monday over at McGuffy’s Reader she shares her Sparks link up for those who want to share an uplifting inspirational quote.

Today, I’m sharing “Give Joy, Get Joy” as my inspirational Spark. Pop over to see what others are sharing, but before you go, please leave a comment if only just hello so I know you stopped by and I can come visit you. Thanks..


Sparks blog hop.png


Ruby Red ‘n Extraction Tutorial

Red flower may 2017 as object png

This graphic is taken from one of my flowers that I planted this Spring. Using this photo:

100_3073 with logo

and the extraction tool, I removed the flower and made it a .png file. Then I used the filters to adjust the flower more to my liking. I then opened a background texture and dragged the extracted flower onto the texture arranging it how I liked.


Hopefully you can see in the photo above, the extraction tool causes marching ants to be around the part that I want extracted (I call them marching ants..not sure correct term :)). Once you have those, you can right-click and select invert and do the drop down box to new document and then you will have this as a .png. This can then be dragged to any texture, background or wherever you want.

Red Daisy Type Flower May 2017 w logo

Once I had it dragged to my background texture (one that I found at Kristy’s Life in Reflection), I then used some brushes to add to the background texture.

Hope you enjoyed my Ruby Red Flower extraction tutorial. Would love to hear from you. Have a great rest of the week.

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