Wee Bit of Crafts to Keep Busy

Crocheted wash cloths. Made with 100% cotton, and so soft. Had never made them before, but fun to make, and make a great gift.

The soap is melt and pour, and fun to add your own fragrances. To make the soap packet, I printed the Soap monogram, punched the top with a cute punch. Then I sewed it around on three edges, inserted the soap and punched through both layers, and intered a pin with taps to close. Eventually, I would like to make the soap as lye soap, but truthfully, does scare me a bit to work with it.

Cute pins that you can make with a simple square of fabric. Look cute to accessorize a purse or headband, etc.

Would love to see what you’ve been crafting. Leave a link in the comments or contact me so I can come visit. Enjoy visiting others who love crafting.


Furry Friends

What better way to showcase your furbaby than with a scrap book page, even if it is only digital. You can use the items from my kit, transform them however you like, and frame it or just print out. Free kit file can be downloaded HERE.

Mine contains photos of my furbaby, Razzy.

Razzy entertains me and keeps me from going stir crazy during these Covid virus months.Sometimes though, the ins and outs of the day, I admit, drive me a bit crazy. Even in all this snow, he wants to stay out, and doesn’t realize how small he is and how soon those paws would freeze.

Can’t wait for this kind of weather, and he can play all he wants.

Have a great Thursday, and week end coming up. Thanks for visiting Peabea’s Potpourri. If you use the digital kits that I share, would love to see them. Just drop me a link to my email or comment below so I can come visit if you share them online.


How’s The Knitting Going…

Well, bit frustrating as a newby knitter. Have always done crochet since a child, but knitting….that’s a different animal. Started simple couple years ago learning the stitches. Well, some stitches. Made a couple hats. And then started a few shawls, and scarfs. Had to learn to read their directions.

Started this one over year and half or so ago. This is early picture, I’ve moved on with it, but then I just left it sit. Picked it up again last week. My stumbling block with this one is I either knit too tight and when I have to knit two together, hard time squeezing under to pick up the stitch. This might take a while, and I may need a longer circle needles.

Does anyone ever really use a shawl? I never, ever have, but thought this one so pretty.

Also, found this awesome site for The Casting On Couch who does some awesome knitting. I followed her to try to learn the cable stitches. Very confusing, and I will not say how many times I had to tear out and start over. Great tip I eventually learned though, was to sew a different color thread across the work as I go so if I have to tear out, can tear out to that point, and not all the way. This pattern was free from her at the time, but I did end up buying it so I’d have it instead of what I’d written as I watched the video.

Another tip I learned was to make some pretty markers rather than the inital plastic circles I’d bought.

So that’s my knitting adventure as we head into colder weather in my part of the world, and with staying home as much as I can while we still are enduring this dreaded pandemic. Might go back to making a few more hats.

What crafts have you been up to or books you’ve been reading. Or just some ways you’re keepting busy.

~smiles ‘n giggles~


Bye Bye September

October arrived with a cold, rainy day of weather only in the low 50’s, and some 30’s at night. So far since Fall arrived, Fall has not been Fall. The weather people say the weather is more like November so then I’m wondering if November will now be December. I’m not ready. I want a do over of Spring and Summer already, and the cooler weather seasons are just beginning. If I could be a jet-setter, I’d be heading to the countries where Spring is beginning. Spring here, and then Spring there. Best of both worlds.

But, I’m gathering the Fall decorations, lighting some candles, and having some cocoa. Can’t fight Mother Nature even if she is a little off keel right now.


~hug~ ♥♡


Have a great day

If Only In My Mind


Missing You 💔 

 The beauty that surrounds me happens slowly with time stitching together all the colors The hues The glows That make up a wonderful life If only in My Mind

The curtains blow
The songs sound
The instruments play
The children laugh
If only for a day, they have set my heart aglow 
This thing we built 56 years ago
The musician, the man
The individual being that is so worn now
The weary tired lines
The pain he ignores
The one and only that I’ve adored 
It can’t go on
It can’t continue
But each minute, I carry within me
The beauty, the glow that surrounds me
If only in My Mind

© If Only In My Mind ~ Patricia B. all rights reserved


Digiscraping for Valentine’s Day

Love was in the air everywhere…well maybe not everywhere. But, hopefully, all enjoyed their day.

I love trying my hand at making digital graphics using Adobe Photoshop Elements, so this was the end result for my Valentine greeting.

My daughter’s family treated me with a lovely planter, as well as one of my favorites – malted milkballs, and some (c)Ferrero chocolates.

As you can tell, it didn’t take long to finish off the chocolates, but they were delish.

Have a good week.


There Are No Words

Each day when I wake up, and each week for the last two months and two weeks, the brain remembers. It will seem better, and then it isn’t. You’re just gone. My brain tells me that each day. The reality, but the heart doesn’t want to believe it. My mind is still trying to process that after 57 years together, I will never see you walk in the door, hug me, hear your voice or feel your love.

Death. I don’t like it.

The memories are sometimes just hurtful, and other times I remember the wonderful. You were the love of my life, my best friend. I need you to talk things over with me and guide me. But you can’t. So many things to handle without you, so many things you forgot to tell me. I’m doing. I’ve changed the oil on the riding mower. You would be proud, but I also know you would be out there directing me on how to do it correctly. I made a mess, and had oil to clean up. I want to tell you all about it, but I can’t.

The reality that however many days I have left here on Earth, they will now be without you. That’s a hard one to swallow. I want to tell you things like I always did. I’m managing, but the truth is that death is so very more hard than I thought it would be. I could have never tried to imagine life after your death. I miss you.

People try to help, and I love that, but they’re not you.

Today would be your birthday. I doubt we would have a big celebration, maybe, but sometimes we didn’t. Just a movie at home and popcorn watching our favorite shows, just one more time would be awesome. My mind wraps again around never, ever.

My mind keeps processing, you got up that morning, and then you were gone. Forever!!

I like the saying “Your Wings Were Ready, But My Heart Wasn’t“. We were old. Till death we do part were the words said 55 years ago, but I wasn’t ready. I never will be, but you taught me so much in all these years that has made me stronger. We were babies when we married, but we grew together, learned together so I feel half of me is missing.

Death. I don’t like it.

I loved our boating days.
Teaching our daughter how to tie a hook on the line…always the Teacher.

Happy Birthday. It’s your first birthday that you won’t be here. I miss you.

I‘ll be looking at the moon, but I’ll be Seeing You

Give Joy

Dahlia Flowers From Garden 2017 2 for Sparks

Each Monday over at McGuffy’s Reader she shares her Sparks link up for those who want to share an uplifting inspirational quote.

Today, I’m sharing “Give Joy, Get Joy” as my inspirational Spark. Pop over to see what others are sharing, but before you go, please leave a comment if only just hello so I know you stopped by and I can come visit you. Thanks..


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