Playing With Snow

Tyson snow on CA picture for fun

The internet is all kinds of fun with people who share their talents. The Coffee Shop Blog, which I follow has a great tutorial for adding snow, and she gave a link to a generous gal who also shared how to make a snow brush in Adobe Photoshop. Her tutorial is at Fstoppers  or you can click this link

Rita at The Coffee Shop Blog also shares her snow brush as a download. I played with making my own brush settings for the snow on this picture of my grandson when we visited California last year using the directions from Fstoppers page. Thought it would be fun to make snow in California. 🙂 He was wearing a coat because when we visited, it was rainy and chilly…go figure, we left Ohio chilly and took, I guess, our chilly weather with us. But the beauty of California chilly was that by mid morning it had warmed enough to ditch the jackets. Loved it there.

The photo below I changed to Black and White to share over at Black and White Wednesdays. Give a visit there to see what others are doing with their Black and White photos.

Tyson snow on CA picture for Black White Wed

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A quote from Me:

pb_mylifepicture brush

If you like my quote brush, you can download it HERE without my initials.


Today is Veteran’s Day so I say ‘Thank You’ to all Veterans that I may enjoy the freedom to be here today writing this blog post. You are thought of, appreciated, and admired for all you have done now and in the past. Hope you enjoy your day.
R.I.P. also to those who gave their life so bravely.


Pictorial Friday ‘n Leaf

Leaf Tree Texturized

Autumn Leaves Drift By The Window

“Make like a tree and Leaf” (couldn’t resist adding that one..haha) 😉

(this photo was actually taken out my back window)..:) Well they’re not actually drifting in this photo, but the last few days, they have been.

Added a texturizer and hue saturation to bring out some of the color in my backyard tree. It hadn’t started turning yet, but had a few pretty ones in a clump.

Pictorial Friday…..Click my little blue froggy friend below to share your fabulous photography so we can come visit. You’re next.
Saw a cute sign on the local Church:

Autumn Leaves ~ Jesus Doesn’t

Sharing my photo with my Pictorial linkup above Pictorial Friday logo w website and also over at bbswf


Buffet Is Open

blue jay food buffet

A grandpa project with the grandson. They recycled a pretzel container into a birdfeeder. It may not be the prettiest bird feeder in the world but the grandson nor did the birds mind. Within a week it is flooded with all kinds of birds not necessarily of a feather.

Love this little guy because he looks like he’s beckoning to his friends to come and eat.

Sharing over at Texture Tuesday.

As we head into the season of Jesus’ Birth, hope you enjoy some Christmas songs to help with the Season’s Bright mood.