Tulip Love

Tulip Love for Floral Love

Applied Mona’s free texture called Muse and left it as ‘normal’, and then I drew an elliptical and manipulated it so that my tulip flower shows through opening in the elliptical. This was accomplished by making the elliptical a new layer with a layer mask.

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Here’s a link I found with some Tulip history that I found kind of interesting. Did not know there was such a thing as ‘Tulip Mania’ and eventually some went broke over their investment in Tulips. Click Tulip history or here’s the link also http://www.ehow.com/about_6690094_meaning-tulip-flower.html




Floral Love

Floral Love 5-1-14

Sharing over at Mona’s Picturesque for Floral Love. Textured with Mona’s White Whisper texture and then framed with Love compliments of Shadowhouse Creations who has some awesome textures and helpful hints.

Original Photo:

2013-07-30 11.43.18

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hosta w my texture w frame copy

This is the first year that I’ve had any Hosta. It finally bloomed, but didn’t all open at once. Loved the color though. Read more about Hostas here.

I applied my pb_mavemadness texture with overlay at 100%, then I added Kim’s kk_Rejoice at 46% opacity and Fill of 5%, Bevel & Emboss & Texture that is in the adobe program. Then I took it to Adobe Pemiere Elements and framed it.

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Sharing my free pb_mauvemadness texture. See below to download.


You can download my pb_mauvemadness for free here without the copyright. Enjoy!! and hope you like it. Can be used as a texture or as a background.

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Original picture I started with:

(c)opyright Peabea 2013
(c)opyright Peabea 2013


hens chicks TT copy

Such a hardy, interesting plant/flower. At the end of last Summer, by mistake, I sprayed all my flowers with weed killer thinking I was spraying insect killer. Some of the plants, I wasn’t so concerned about since they were annuals anyway, but I’d had these plants for quite a few years when a co-worker friend gave me a start, and I was sure they were done. The looked really sick, and even this Spring they looked not so great, but little by little, they came came back.

Just like people, you can’t keep a good, hardy person down. They’ll perk back up after a fall even if it takes a bit to recover. I know some people that are like that. You think they’re defeated for sure, but they just keep going, and they keep going with a good heart and spirit.

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Calla Lilies ‘n Stage Door

calla lilies for TT framed

The Calla Lilies are in bloom again

Such a strange flower

Beautiful to any occasion

from the movie Stage Door ~ Katherine Hepburn

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Applied kk_edward, masked the layer and then painted the flower back in, inverted and feathered

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milkweed for TT n RJ

Another from my ‘Weeds’ photos. Wasn’t sure what this was so I googled it, and found that it is Milkweed.  Seems it’s important for Monarch Butterflies, Hummingbirds, and other species. I know when I was taking this, the bees were loving this weed/plant.

If interested in knowing more about the Milkweed, I found some info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asclepias and here: http://www.butterflybushes.com/milkweed.htm

On my photo, I started with one of Nancy’s textures as the background and added my photo on top with soft light overlay. I then applied the Dreamy technique that I’d seen in Kim’s tutorial on how to make your photo look dreamy. I didn’t do all the steps, and I don’t think mine turned out like hers. I then embedded a bird on a branch clip art from The Graphics Fairy, added a butterfly and a bee brush. Lastly, I applied kk_touchoftexture.

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Original below:


Sister Plant


Stopped by my sister’s, and since I pretty much killed all my flowers from last summer, she gave me a few. Thought this blue one was so pretty so I’m hoping I don’t kill it.

{I am not a ‘green thumb’ type person.}  851586_126361877548609_1351776047_n

Decided to take a picture in case the poor thing doesn’t make it once I transplanted it, and I used the ‘out of bounds’ that is on the photo program.

blue flower from Iris color bar copy

This is a neat action that is shared by The Coffee Shop Blog, and as she says if you needed an idea for colors for paint, etc. this Action would be a great way to choose your colors. I selected the pictures from this picture for the color bar on the side.

My original ‘raw out of the camera’ picture below:




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peabea patch w ribbon





The Texture Tuesday for 4/3/12 is to use one of Kim Klassen’s textures and utilitze the word Soft. My Soft photography submission is below.

I added my own shape from my Adobe program and then a clipping mask, and overlay of Kim Klassen’s texture called ‘Embrace’.

You can find all of Kim Klassen’s textures and the Texture Tuesday submissions at http://kimklassen.com

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Hens & Chicks in The Patch

From my flower bed…these are the Hens & Chicks that I’ve had since probably in the late 90’s. A friend at work gave them to me. I didn’t know that after two years they will grow this long shoot that becomes the bloom of the plant, and I kept tearing it off. Well, this year, I let it grow and then researched about them to learn that this is the normal process of the Hens & Chicks. This is the blooming flower that appears after two years, and then it dies and falls off.

The Hens & Chicks are very hardy and can be planted in containers or among your flower bed.

If anyone has more information on this plant/flower, I’d love if you’d share or just leave a comment.

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