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Still reading through the Bible, and enjoying the Journaling through the Bible. Now doing it on the pages of my Note Takers Bible. Some use an actual Journaling Bible that are one column and have a wider margin, but for now, I found this one locally with a price I could afford. ūüôā

Love all that I’ve been learning about the different mediums for doing the journaling like the Gelatos, Watercolor Pencils, Embossing, etc. and my favorite is the glitter tubes that you find for about 99 cents at WalMart. They work great.

The reading for March is Mark if anyone wants to follow along. I’ll be journaling the scriptures, and if you read along in Mark, any comments would be fun to get your point of view on the Scripture as we head into the Resurrection.

Some of my journaling pages below:




This one below I did using some freebies from friends in a Facebook Group for Digital Journaling. The Doodles you can find on Tara’s site and the background is from Bernadette. The fence and scripture and element, I added.

Love with B and T elements

This one below, I created for a theme of creation¬†in the His Kingdom Come site. Wouldn’t it be fun to receive such an invitation to explore the beginnings with God and have him tour you through to the cross?

Creation Invitation


These are the tags that I’ve made so far for the ‘I AM’ theme with HKC.

Hope you enjoyed my bit of journaling that I’ve been working on. Hope you can stop back for the book of Mark.

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Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon

On the journey with Christ and reading his word, we just finished Song of Solomon. It was an interesting read.

Song of Solomon is a song of wooing of Solomon and marriage to a shepherdess girl named Shulamite. The joys and heartaches of wedded love.

Hosea 2:19-20 depicts it as the Church as the bride of Christ.

Hosea 19
And I will betroth thee unto me forever; yea, I will betroth thee unto me in righteousness, and in judgment and in lovingkindness, and in mercies.

Hosea 20
I will even betroth thee unto me in faithfulness: and thou shalt know the LORD.

In the song, they shower each other with love and makes them feel loved and the only special one. He sings that she is most beautiful to him. She sings he is most beautiful to her.

Song of Solomon is a great reminder of how marriage and wedded love can be.

Excerpt from the Bible KJV:

The Song of Solomon is a love song written by Solomon and abounding in metaphors and oriental imagery. Historically, it depicts the wooing and wedding to a shepherdess by King Solomon, and the joys and heartaches of wedded love.

Allegorically, it pictures Israel as God’s betrothed bride (Hos. 2:19-20) and the church as the bride of Christ. As human life finds its highest fulfillment in the love of man and woman, so spiritual life finds its highest fulfillment in the love of God for His people and Christ for His church.

The book is arranged like scenes in a drama with three main speakers: the bride Shulamite), the King (Solomon), and a chorus (daughters of Jerusalem).

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My graphic journaling above is how I interpreted Song of Solomon. I would love if you shared how you interpret the book.

Also,¬†would be fun to if you shared what you’re reading and/or journaling through the Bible. Just leave a link in the comments and I’ll come visit you.

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Proverbs and The Contentious

 Contentious note

We are almost through Proverbs in my Reading Through the Bible group. Leviticus and Proverbs have been interesting to me. Reminders of how just being mindful of certain things in life can enrich and make for a happier life whether you’re Christian or not. Simple Goodness or Evil. Which is the preferred to follow? I see evil as having no fruitful outcome except for the evil doers so give me Goodness and Righteousness any day of the week. But as the Bible teaches to each his own for their outcome. Am I a contentious woman? I hope not, however, I do have my days that I’m out of sorts, but I think contention used in Proverbs means more surly attitudes or maybe downright mean? What is your take on contention? I may have it all wrong so would love to hear any thoughts on the subject.

As I’m reading through the Bible, I’m also following a wonderful gal who is sharing her thoughts on Proverbs via Doodling. Check out some of her great artwork doodles by clicking the image.

My word for the year:

Sharing my Joy with you. You can find it HERE or click on the image to download it.

If you’d like it without my graphics or watermark, you’re welcome to download it HERE or click the image below¬†and use as you like.

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