The Little Things

enjoy the little things copy   Today as I was outside just to enjoy the warm day, I saw this farmer disking the field across the road from me. Loved his red tractor so decided to capture the picture. It is edited with Adobe Photoshop Elements using Kim Klassen’s kk_isobel with soft light and her ‘Little Things’ brushes words for sharing on Texture Tuesday. I also applied some bird brushes that I have in my program. When I was deciding which picture to use for this Tuesday’s Texture Tuesday, I thought this one would be a nice change since I mostly post pictures of flowers. Anyway, when I found Kim’s Little Things Brushes, I thought these words fit perfectly for my picture.

Hope you enjoy!!

Original picture:


Coming In For A Landing

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These little guys show up faithfully just around Mother’s Day each year. I hung my feeder right outside my kitchen window, which doesn’t seem to bother them in the least. They arrive to feed every morning and throughout the day. A recipe of sugar-water seems to be a favorite with them. I make mine 1 part sugar to two parts water; no food coloring ever and I have a clear container so it doesn’t seem to matter about the color of the solution. However my container does have a red bottom and there are flowers nearby, which I think helps to attract them.

I’ve found over the years that they’ve been coming that they are very territorial and don’t really share with other Hummingbirds, which seems odd to me. They will sit in a nearby location and if another Hummer ventures over to the feeder, they come right over and start making their grumbling sound and flitting around to run the other Hummer away. It is comical though because the other Hummingbird will try to sneak in and get a drink while flitting about to make sure the other Hummer isn’t coming.

I call this series of photos ‘Coming In For A Landing’.

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For more information on these amazing little birds you can visit here