It’s Back

Winter Scene w carmel for TT

The snow has returned here in Ohio, but not with the force of those on the East Coast that experienced Blizzard conditions overnight. Our thoughts are with them as they shovel out from under. One report said that Boston got 18 inches with winds of 65mph. Stay warm everyone. As long as the electric stays on and we have heat, it is so lovely with the new fallen snow.

I textured my winter scene with kk_carmel to share with Texture Tuesday . I’m also sharing with Texture Twist and The Enchanted Rose has a new link up on Tuesdays called Roses of Inspiration now so I’m adding her to my Tuesday linkups as well. It’s always fun to link up and see and meet new blogger friends. Stop by their sites and say hello. 🙂

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I saw these words on the internet and loved them so I recreated on my own graphic and if anyone knows the author please let me know so I can give proper credit, but the words are awesome, I thought. Please feel free to copy and take for your own if you like since the words are not really mine, just borrowed.

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We Found The Ocean

On the Cliffs at Pacific

First time ever being in California and seeing the Pacific Ocean. The grandson and daughter walked down to the beach and then climbed up on the cliffs. We had a great trip. This photo has been textured with Kim’s kk_waterfront 28 to share with Texture Tuesday. The rest are just SOC scenery photos. Loved getting to visit the West Coast. 🙂


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Across The Field

across the field for TT

The view across the field and down the road from my house. This is not this year, but the snow has fallen and it looks the same. Each time I look across the field with the bare tree line, it reminds me of a painting. What gorgeous work the artist Mother Nature and our Lord does. I love looking out at the snow with the world all white and clean like a renewing. When Fall is over and the leaves are gone and before the winter season starts with the snowfalls, it is like the world is kind of sad, and then the glorious snow starts falling, and the world is bright again.

This week and last, the snow is falling…I’m having a good time this year as we head into the holiday season getting back to the basics of what Christmas is all about. I’ve been doing the Advent Study with the Good Morning Girls and enjoying getting back to reading Scripture, which I had let go by the wayside in the past few years. Enjoying my memories of the childhood Christmases with my mom who couldn’t provide and how the small things were appreciated even as a child. I had two sisters, and she was newly divorced, but such fun we’d have going to the corner store at Christmas and dragging a cut Christmas tree three blocks back home to be decorated. I now know the lovely people who owned that store gave the tree to us, but at the time I assumed we’d paid for it. Life was simple, and I now know that maybe it wasn’t so simple for my mother, but she never let it show. She sang, we made paper circles to hang on the tree and we loved every minute of that time. Christmas morning I don’t remember presents being under that tree, but the memories of magical Christmases still remain. Family is Christmas to me.
As time went on and I had my own family, times were better for my kids, they got to be spoiled by gifts, but I tried to keep some of those traditions.

My wish is for everyone to have a blessed & fun holiday season and enjoy the smiles that we see on children’s faces and the light in their eyes as they enjoy the wonder of Christmas. Their faces are a gift to the world as we find gifts in many forms and different places.

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What’s More Fun

The weather in Ohio has turned CHILLY…. I miss the lazy Summer days already. Anyway, the grandbabykins had no school for two days due to teachers needing to meet for a coffee or something and get a break from kids…(of course I jest ;)).

At the Gym in Kid’s Club, the grandbabykins saw a kid working on something using two pens. Grandbabykins knows no strangers and being curious had to ask what in the world he was doing. He found out the kid was making a bracelet by looming rubber bands together. It is called Rainbow Loom. Naturally, he wanted to do that (side note: grandbabykins has always been curious when I crochet and had learned to make a chain so far so naturally, this looked fun to him). The daughter bought him a kit, and he’s been busy making bracelets, keychains, and different patterns.

One he's made so far
One he’s made so far

That kept him pretty busy most of the time, but still he wanted to go to the park…sooo What’s More Fun On A Chilly Day than playing at the park and enjoying the beautiful Fall colors even if it is Chilly.

2005-01-01 14.43.37
(c)opyright Photo property of Patricia B. All rights reserved. Not for use without owner consent
2005-01-01 14.43.31
(c)opyright Photo property of Patricia B. All rights reserved. Not for use without owner consent
2005-01-01 14.43.41
(c)opyright Photo property of Patricia B. All rights reserved. Not for use without owner consent

It may have been chilly, but the Fall colors at the park were great.

for tuesday muse 10 22 13 copy

Textured with Nancy’s alpaca and sharing with Tuesday Muse.

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Sunshine Rays

Sunshine Rays from coffee w TT texture


Used the new Mellow Yellow Action from The Coffee Shop Blog to create the rays of sunshine effect, and then applied Kim Klassen’s kk-2203.

Sharing with Texture Tuesday

Original below:


Took the grandbabykins to play at a local park, and the condition was that after he played, we could take a walk. When we did walk, we found this little stream so he was thrilled with it. Of course he wanted to throw rocks in so I let him do a few, but then told him there were enough rocks in it already. Finally, he agreed and we finished our walk. I thought I’d see more flowers or nature to photograph, but this was pretty much it that day.



The Little Things

enjoy the little things copy   Today as I was outside just to enjoy the warm day, I saw this farmer disking the field across the road from me. Loved his red tractor so decided to capture the picture. It is edited with Adobe Photoshop Elements using Kim Klassen’s kk_isobel with soft light and her ‘Little Things’ brushes words for sharing on Texture Tuesday. I also applied some bird brushes that I have in my program. When I was deciding which picture to use for this Tuesday’s Texture Tuesday, I thought this one would be a nice change since I mostly post pictures of flowers. Anyway, when I found Kim’s Little Things Brushes, I thought these words fit perfectly for my picture.

Hope you enjoy!!

Original picture:



These were taken (raw out of the camera) on a walk last Summer.

A dried leaf hanging from the tree that I thought looked interesting.
A little bird that stopped by the water's edge to see what we were up to and then he flew away.
Just thought the light coming through the trees and the shade made the water in this area look dark and gloomy.