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Stopped by my sister’s, and since I pretty much killed all my flowers from last summer, she gave me a few. Thought this blue one was so pretty so I’m hoping I don’t kill it.

{I am not a ‘green thumb’ type person.}  851586_126361877548609_1351776047_n

Decided to take a picture in case the poor thing doesn’t make it once I transplanted it, and I used the ‘out of bounds’ that is on the photo program.

blue flower from Iris color bar copy

This is a neat action that is shared by The Coffee Shop Blog, and as she says if you needed an idea for colors for paint, etc. this Action would be a great way to choose your colors. I selected the pictures from this picture for the color bar on the side.

My original ‘raw out of the camera’ picture below:




Sharing with Tuesday Muse.

~hugs ‘n giggles~ and have a great day


peabea patch w ribbon





Love this mug for TT
© Peabea Photography (Patricia B) 5-27-13

The same day our first son got a new puppy, we didn’t realize that same night he would be getting his new baby brother. The puppy was a Scottish Terrier. He weighed about one lb, and when the mom-in-law came to stay with son number one, “Surprise, here you go, there’s a new puppy to deal with also.” She was awesome and took it in her stride.

Puppy number one, the Scotty named Smokey lived to be about 15 years old. He died when the first son was 18 and his brother was 13. Also, in that year, another surprise came along. You might say that the 18 year old, instead of getting a new car for graduation got a new baby sister.

When the new baby sister was 5, she got a new puppy for her birthday as a surprise. It was a chocolate Mini Poodle that was the runt of the litter that no one wanted so we adopted her. She looked more like a toy though and weighed about one lb. and grew to be about 5 lbs. Her name was Kassy. You can read her story here She lived to be about 14 years old.

After the Poodle and with the kids now pretty much out of the house, we had decided no more dogs. Well, that lasted about seven years. My hubby was an over-the-road trucker at the time, and guess what he got? Yep, a call from me with “Surprise, guess what I got myself today?” I got a new puppy. Hubby just knew that’s the way it rolls at our house so he wasn’t too mad at me, and I knew he wouldn’t be. He hardly ever, ever gets mad at me. Sometimes, I really do wonder why though. He should…hahahaha

The one in the picture above is my puppy. His name is Razzy and he will be two this July 4th! It’s worked out fine having another puppy to keep us company.

Using for Texture Tuesday, the background is Kim Klassen’s mini may kk_grungeframed and then I overlayed the mini may kk_totalgrunge with soft light, and the photo brads are from Rita at The Coffee Shop Blog  Sharing this with Tuesday Muse also.

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