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Sometimes I find things….Sometimes I don’t.

This week though, I found some cute and some useful and some vintage. Sharing with Friday Finds.

Since I’ve always loved snail mail or as they use to just call it, keeping in touch by mailing a letter or postcard, I’m always thrilled when I find a bundle of note cards, card assortment or post cards. I enjoy sending a simple hello, feel better or just thinking of you to people. Since I do Postcrossing, finding post cards in my area are pretty much extinct. I’ve found one place about an hour away that has them, and I’ve found them online, but it use to be fun to just head to a drug store and they always had lots. Our area doesn’t even have the ones that tell about our town. Sad to me.

My Friday Finds: A nautical frame for my bedroom that is decorated with the lighthouse theme, a cute hook that will be great for my bathroom that I’m painting (one day soon ~ :)), a bolt of lace that is a bit wider than what I have on hand and it will get use since I love to craft, and the best of all was finding the scissors and among them is a Vintage pair that is used for cutting flowers. When looking them up online since I wasn’t sure what they were, I find that they are from around 1953 or 1954 so they will be perfect for my Etsy Shop if I decide to sell them. Undecided on that so far.

Finds scissors as poster edges

The Wiss Flower Shears

Finds as old paper effect

Just playing with the settings to make it look like old photo on this one.

Finds 1

Finds blur effect

Link to the info I found about Wiss Flower Shears.

Hope you enjoy my Friday Finds and have time to venture on over to Kim’s site to enjoy what others have found to share.

Happy Friday and much Blessings coming your way.

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Friday Finds

Friday FindsI’ve always loved thrifting; especially now that we are retired and on limited budget. I’m getting really spoiled about even going to the mainstream stores anymore. Plus, I am sometimes amazed at what people get rid of, but than, I’ve gotten rid of some nice things myself. I use to try having a garage sale to eliminate things I no longer wanted, then I turned to eBay…some things I still try to sell, but mostly, I just donate to Goodwill or Salvation Army or to a Thrift Store.

I’ve been wanting to buy what they call a stock pot, but found they run anywhere from $40 on up. I’d only been thinking of getting one for the past few weeks, but I knew if I bided my time one would show up at the Thrift store. This week, it did. It’s just the right size, stainless steel, and even has the smaller insert. It will be more helpful with making spaghetti or even to use just for making soup.

I found it for $4 plus a couple more goodies. A small cute night-light, and a paper towel holder plus they had their books 4 for $1.00. I’m a reader as well as loving crafts and photos. I was a happy camper. I also found my son among the 4 for $1.00 books a larger family Bible. I can’t wait for him and his wife to receive it. I’m thinking I’ll just mail it for a surprise. They live in CA.

Love when I can get a bargain. 🙂

Happy Friday, Happy Thrifting, and Thanks a Bunch for stopping by ~

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Bible for the son and family:

Bible for Jer and Lisa








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Years ago, I discovered garage sales. My kids, when young, would cringe if they saw me see a sign on the side of the road on a week-end because they knew if it was a garage sale…most likely mom would be stopping. As the kids grew up and life got busier for them, my garage sale week-ends went by the wayside. Once kids became adults and out of the house, it seems I’ve discovered Thrift Stores. If I’m looking for something, I’m always amazed that I usually find a perfectly good whatever that someone just didn’t need anymore. A few weeks ago, I went to lunch with my two sisters, and afterwards we hit a nice Thrift store in that town. Not sure why, but when I spotted this Linen scarf, it was a must have. I loved the design of it. It cost me a whole thirty cents.

DSC_0169 1

I’ve yet to decide what I want to do with this lovely. I’ve photographed it thinking I could make textures, backgrounds, and/or brushes with it. Also, I found an idea at called Grandma’s Linen Pouches. grandma linen pouchesThose look cute so I may end up doing a pillow or something or fashion something.

After finding that Thrift Store find, I found more linen’s at a local Thrift. With those, I have fashioned some brushes that I’m hoping to put together to share with visitors to my site. [love making brushes with photoshop]

More thrift store linens:

DSC_0172 DSC_0169 DSC_0171

Love bargains and finding things to reclaim into something different and usable.

Sharing flowers the 6 yo grandbabykins brought me: He said he checked and there were no bugs on them. hahaha


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