Among the Weeds

We have a new trail the parks department is blazing through several counties where I live. Eventually when it’s done it will be 12 miles long (and more later on down the road). Right now they only have a few miles done. My sister and I walked the first mile of it and back so we ended up doing a 2 mile leisure stroll (that’s good for us since I haven’t done my walking lately).

Actually, you’re walking along what use to be what’s left of a railroad bed with the tracks removed, but you can still see some of the wooden planks. The path is mostly just wild vegetation growing on it’s own. We didn’t see much nature…only a few butterflies and some birds. They had put some bird houses along the trail.

Here is a picture from our walk.



This is one of the old railroad bridges where the train would have crossed the stream/river. (they’ve build new cement bridges that we now can walk across the water/stream)