Color collage for TT ‘COLOR’ is the Texture Tuesday theme for this week. Sharing some of my wild flower pictures that I took a couple of Summer’s ago, and the one up in the corner is the swim area at my local YMCA. The grandbabykins loves playing there winter and summer. (Note: you can click on the picture for a larger display of my submission).

Textured with kk_pinitonly2

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weird but interesting weed


Another of my ‘Weeds’ photos 

I have no idea what weed this is, and since I don’t know my weeds or plants very well, I wonder if this is one that might be or has been used as an herb or for medicinal purposes in years past. Looks like tiny green pumpkins growing on it. And, the stem is kind of a creamy yellow color.

When I see a field of weeds and wild flowers, it brings to mind the many books that I’ve read that has the woman living back in the woods that everyone went to in the prairie days for medicine. One such book that is very good is The Frontiersman’s Daughter by Laura Frantz


Original below 

weird original


Love that you visited

peabea patch w ribbon