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My Bean Pot ~ Turned Flower Pot Misadventure

I thought my son, DIL, and grandson would like this bean pot since they didn’t have one, and my son has always liked getting a Farmer’s Almanac ever since he was in grade school. It came with three small pots for the beans and/or soup. I decided it would be one of the gifts that I’d give them at Christmas time. Had it packed away all summer, and then when getting it out to wrap it, I broke the handle off (you can see it in the picture).

Summer came, and I had it ready for the trash man because I thought can’t give it to anyone that might use it and hold it with the fixed handle (I did glue it back on), and drop hot beans or soup on themselves.  But, just before actually deciding to trash it, decided it would make a unique flower pot. Not wanting to have an extra lid around or putting it in the landfill, I used my hot glue gun and attached it to rest on the unbroken handle. So far, my hens ‘n chickens are liking their new home.

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peabea patch w ribbon

peabea graphics button

2 Napkin Apron

Need a project to start your sewing hobby? Well, first if you haven’t sewn ever, the first step will be to buy a sewing machine. haha Just kidding you. Even if you’ve always sewn, this might be a fun and interesting project. I saw this on Curbly, and she had re-crafted it from Mary Ray’s tutorial on Craftstylish of how to take two cloth dinner napkins to make an apron. So naturally, I had to try it because it looked so easy, and I had been thinking I could use an apron since I’m rather sloppy when I cook. The only difference I did with mine was instead of making one big tuck on the front, I made two, and after I stitched down the middle to make two pockets, I stitched again twice to make four pockets.  

I found my dinner napkins at a local thrift store.

Visit either the Curbly site or Craftstylish and they walk you through step by step how to sew your two dinner napkins together. 

DSC_0170 DSC_0169 DSC_0173


I had an extra napkin left over that I’m going to cut to size, tuck padding in between to make a hot pad. I also thought adding a spoon or other item might make a nice addition if giving the apron as a gift.

Have fun making your 2 napkin apron, and leave me a comment at the bottom if you decide and feel free to drop a photo and link to your site.

Gift Card Stockings from Crap I’ve Made’s Blog

I got the pattern for these from Crap I’ve Made’s blog site. She has lots of really cute crafts there. Anyway, these were so easy to make that I actually couldn’t stop and made about a dozen. On some, I added the name in glitter of my grandbabykins to hang on my Christmas tree this year. The fun was that I could use up some of my scrap materials to make since I didn’t think that they actually had to be Christmas theme. The six year old grandbabykins liked the idea so much, and his that I made, he wanted to take one home for his tree at home plus he decorated his own with glitter. Bonus…kids would have fun decorating them with glitter or adding their special touches after you make some.

If you like to sew and do crafts, visit ‘Crap I’ve Made’s’ page for the tutorial and pattern for these, and have fun!!!  You’ll love browsing her site for other crafts to make.

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DSC_0183 DSC_0181 DSC_0180

Stockings on the cute!!
Stockings on the tree…so cute!!

BACK TO CROCHET ~ sweater set for grandbaby ~

I made my daughter (now 28) this same sweater set when she was a baby so when the new grand-daughter arrived in September, I went rummaging through my older craft supplies and YAY!!! I found the pattern. Even though we knew it was going to be a girl from the get-go, I made it in white instead of Pink. This way it can be handed down to either girl or boy if the parents choose.

If you love to crochet, I plan to upload this pattern in PDF form. Since I bought this pattern that many years ago, and looked recently at the local Wal-Mart and craft store, I didn’t see anything like it there so not sure it would be available anymore.


EASY PEASY NAME PURSE for the Grand-daughter

Latest in my need of a birthday present. Hard to pick something for teenagers so decided maybe she’d like something handmade. Followed the pattern for this purse with one adjustment. I used the printer cloth (printer sheets that you can pick up reasonably at Wal-Mart or any sewing center or hobby store) and my Adobe photo program to put her name along with some butterfly clipart and decided to incorporate it into the band at the top with ribbon trim. You can also use the transfer sheets is you are using a light fabric. I tried it on my purse first, but didn’t work out too well so not sure I had the right fabric so the printer cloth sheets worked best for me.

If you love to sew and want to make one, the pattern I used is Simplicity 2685.

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    1. Love when I see a visitor has arrived. The white sweater was so easy to make. (Note to myself: I see that I never did post the instructions for it as I promised and I need to get that done.)

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