Need Mittens?

2015-02-02 12.00.59

My hands are always cold even when I wear gloves so I decided that I wanted a pair of mittens. So, I am trying to design my own. This is my first go around and for now they’re warm. The fingers get so cold in gloves and I’m thinking mittens will be better. Also, I saw a cute hat made out of fleece and decided to give that a try. This one isn’t exactly like I was thinking, but it fits my head. hahaha. To make these, I simply drew around my hand and left room for seam allowance and hand to fit comfortably inside.

After I made these, I found a great YouTube video of a gal who sews some really cute and easy mittens out of her discarded sweaters. I especially like her idea of using the ready made cuff from a sweater. Going to give that a try when I go through my sweaters, but for now, I have a knitted hat scarf that is just too big and floppy so I’m going to try to add a cuff to my fleece ones above. We’ll see how that works.

Cuff has been added to my fleece mitten:

2015-02-02 17.41.58  mitten cuff

Material was $9.99/yard at JoAnn Fabrics but I had a 60% off coupon so that made it only $3.996/yard (love JoAnn for all the coupons you get), and I have plenty left over to make hats or scarfs.

If you’re interested in trying your hand at making some mittens out of recycling your sweaters (I think toddler sweaters for toddler mittens or little ones would be cute too)…anyway, I’ve put her website for the pattern and video below.

Have fun and ‘Sew Long’ for now…(see what I did there with the sew..never mind)….

~hugs giggles ‘n scribbles~


Sharing with Life Thru The Lens          1421620653871 and Roses of Inspiration  Linkup_zps5408dd4d230

Roman Cake Designs Pattern is HERE

hint when you take the pattern. I did the right click, but since apparently the jpg is named the same for both patterns, it would only download the first one for me so the next I copied and pasted into my word program and printed it.

Design D_


13 thoughts on “Need Mittens?

    1. Oh thank you so much and I love the idea. Next pair, I’m going to make them so the fingers can can come out. I can see how to do that and would be great. I’d forgotten that I would want to use my phone or camera as I haven’t worn them yet. Also, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. ~hugs~ 

    1. Thanks Connie. Love new visitors and was glad to see you left a comment so I could come visit you too. Yes, I like them better with a cuff. 🙂 

  1. I think the cuffs were the perfect finishing touch on those mittens. I never gave it a thought if mittens would be warmer than gloves? My hands are always cold. Please do update if you find mittens to be warmer.

    1. Hi Lisa, I’ve always worn the finger type gloves, but lately I’ve noticed that I do take my fingers out and put them in the palm part for warmth and that’s why I thought I might like mittens better. We’ll see. 🙂 Haven’t worn mittens since a child. Thanks so much for visiting. ~hugs~ 

  2. I love the warm cuffs you added to your mittens. I always have cold hands so I understand your quest to find warm mittens. I like the idea of reusing old sweaters too and have been putting some aside for making mittens. Found you at Stephanie’s Roses of Inspirations.

    1. Hi Linda, I tried the sweater mittens, but goofed them up so far. I’m trying again. I tried to make them without having a liner and my hands were cold when I walked out to get the mail. Will have to practice again. 🙂 ~hugs~ and thanks for stopping by. Appreciate the comment so I would know you were here.  

    1. Hi Stephanie, I like the added cuff also better than plain. I’ve tried them and with making them out of felt, they do seem to work but I’m hoping I can recycle a sweater to make some as I think they might be warmer. ~hugs~ and love to see when you visit. It makes my day. 🙂 

  3. I really like your mittens. My daughter has made mittens out of old sweaters she’s gotten at thrift stores. They are so warm and very soft.

    1. Hi Carol, I tried a pair out of a sweater, but they ended up all twisty for my. I didn’t prewash in really hot water and the sweater wasn’t pure wool so that may have been why. Hard to cut it evenly. I’m going to try another pair, but if you daughter has any tips that are helpful and would want to share, I’d love to post them on my blog or come to yours if she posts them there. ~hugs~ and thanks for visiting. 🙂 

  4. I love what you did to your mittens! What a clever idea, my friend 🙂 Thanks for sharing at Roses of Inspiration. Happy day to you. Hugs!

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